me and the cave kids... Cape Cod mini golf
I named this blog because on the surface I look like just about the least likely person to follow a Paleo lifestyle.

As recently as a year ago I could have totally envisioned a life without meat. In fact, I even had visions of someday selling my own vegan baked goods. And despite the Paleolithic mentality that running should be only at short distances (perhaps when chased by something?) I cannot get enough of the sport.
running my 3rd Disney Princess 1/2 marathon
Everyone who knows me well gets a kick out of my Primal lifestyle. I'm a girl who loves her lattes (made with almond milk!) and is quite fond of the comforts of modern life. Rather than barefoot running I have custom orthotics and extra-cushioned shoes. I'm the typical soccer mom who can't get enough of her iPhone, and who you'd NEVER peg as a steak-eating gal.

But I've spent my adult life on a mission, driven by an obsession to feel my best and learn everything I can about food and health. After the birth of my second child I started to experience a slew of autoimmune issues. Most doctors just wanted to write me prescriptions, but I wanted to understand why my body seemed to be in constant revolt.

I began tinkering with my diet, trying everything from anti-Candida diets to gluten-free and vegan picks. In the meantime I went through a divorce, which only added to my physical stress and frustrations. It did, though, prompt me to finally put my passion to work: I enrolled at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and began my own healthy family cooking company Real Kids Eat Spinach.

While I love reaching out to kids and families about healthy food choices, I understand that Paleo eating isn't for everyone. Since I don't have the opportunity to feature all of the good stuff *I* eat on my business site, I decided to start this blog.
me & the cave man, Montreal
Please note that beyond my trendy sneakers and coffee drinking, there are other ways I'm certainly not as hardcore as some other Paleo followers. I do have the occasional glass of wine and do not 100% avoid dairy (I'm a big fan of plain Greek yogurt and a little feta or bleu cheese here and there). I think my philosophy follows Mark Sisson's Primal Blueprint  most closely; feel free to omit the protein powder or any other "objectionable" ingredients you might see on here... and I'm always open to tasty alternatives and new ideas!