Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sweet Potato, Pancetta & Baby Kale Salad

Roasting vegetables usually takes a long time, but this recipe comes together in less than half an hour! The perfect satisfying lunch. By cutting the sweet potato small you can have it ready to go quickly, and while it's roasting make the dressing and crisp up the pancetta.

I adapted the recipe from a Whole Foods cookbook I've had for years, changing up the oil and using honey to sweeten the dressing. I think this would taste equally delicious with bacon, and you could certainly toss in some more veggies to round out the dish.

Sweet Potato, Pancetta & Arugula Salad

1/4 cup olive oil
3 tbs. apple cider vinegar
1 tsp. Dijon mustard
1 tsp. raw honey
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 tsp. crushed red pepper flakes

1 large sweet potato, peeled and diced small
2 tbs. apple cider
1 tbs. melted coconut oil or olive oil
salt, pepper & garlic powder
1/4 lb. diced pancetta
5 cups baby kale, spinach or arugula
1/2 cup slivered almonds

Preheat oven to 425. Toss sweet potatoes in a large bowl with cider, oil and seasoning. Spread out in an even layer on a rimmed baking sheet and roast for 20-25 minutes, tossing once.

While sweet potato is in oven, combine all dressing ingredients in a blender and emulsify until smooth.

Cook pancetta in a small skillet over medium heat until crisp.

Drain pancetta and toss in a large bowl with greens and almonds. Top with roasted sweet potato. Drizzle with dressing and toss to coat.

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