Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pepperplate: My Favorite Meal-Planning App

Let me first say I don't get any kick-back for today's post. Pepperplate is a free app, and I'm not affiliated with it in any way. I discovered it in some food magazine or another last year, and I can't imagine life without it. Yes, I'm talking some serious devotion.

Pepperplate's website bears the slogan "Finally, some help in the kitchen." I would have to agree that it's the first meal-planning/grocery app I've ever experienced that is worth the effort it requires to utilize it. I use it on my laptop, phone and iPad, and I think it's especially pertinent to anyone who "clips" recipes from websites.

First, you can install the Pepperplate bookmarklet to your computer. This allows you to save recipes from around the net; some of the more mainstream websites such as Food Network and Cooking Light can sync recipes with a single click of a button. Others require the user to manually add them, but thanks to cut and paste it's a super easy process.
To date I have 320 recipes stored in Pepperplate. I love that I can type in the word "chicken" and be met with a long list of saved dishes. I've cut and pasted from all of my favorite paleo sites, and also use the app to save my own creations (some works in progress).

While I occasionally print things out, more often I cook the meals from my laptop or iPad. The website will even let you set a timer if needed, and will keep your device from going into sleep mode when you tell it you're cooking.

You can import ingredients from your Pepperplate recipes right to a shopping list; I prefer to manually put together my list, as I don't like it cluttered with measurements. The shopping list is super easy to organize, though, and is the only list I use when shopping these days. I love that if a recipe pops into my head while I'm at the store I can easily open it in the app to remind myself of needed ingredients.

Finally, the planner allows you to map out your week's (and beyond) meals. Whenever I make my shopping list I also map out what I'll be eating when, and the Pepperplate interface is very intuitive.

While I use the app on my Apple devices, it is also available for Android and could be used solely on a PC as well. I realize everyone has different organizational styles and personalities, but since it's free I can't recommend enough that you check Pepperplate out!


  1. I was bummed your recipes are not supported :( I have been working my way through a bunch of them and would love them to be organized like this!

    1. I wish I was "big" enough to be supported! I have to say, though, it's not too bad to cut and paste... I open a second window when I have to manually enter recipes on Pepperplate. I've added a lot of paleo recipes that way! And I do love the format for grocery lists.