Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Stocking a Paleo Pantry on a Budget

It's easy to give grocery advice, whether you're applying it to a paleo lifestyle or any other diet or regime. Shop the external aisles of the store. Check your store circulars and plan your meals around the specials. Don't go to the store hungry.

That's not my aim in this post. I'm not talking meat and vegetables here, but rather the staples that are good to have in your pantry (and aren't always the cheapest).

I do all of my shopping at either Trader Joe's or Whole Foods, with some visits to the farmer's market thrown in during the summer. I have certain things I get at each store, and plenty of others that I find cheaper online.

Here are my recommendations for each store, and resources for how to stock up on your computer.
Trader Joe's
raw nuts
almond meal
Kerrygold butter
raw honey
plantain chips (not a staple at all, but a fun occasional treat!)
jarred roasted red peppers
organic hemp protein powder (available in chocolate & vanilla, sweetened with organic palm sugar)
olive oil
liquid stevia drops (they just released these... cheaper than Sweetleaf)

Whole Foods
olives (I stock up at the olive bar)
kelp noodles
365 brand chicken broth (they have a new large size that winds up being cheaper than at TJs)
365 brand organic unsweetened almond milk (no carrageenan)

Enjoy Life mini dairy-free chocolate chips
organic coconut flour
organic coconut milk

Look for items on subscribe & save.  Right now the mini chips aren't being offered at the S&S discount, but the usually pricier dairy-free chunks are. The coconut milk isn't either, but usually is part of the program. If you subscribe to a certain number of items a month, your total discount increases to 15-20% as opposed to just 5% off.

almond flour
organic hulled hemp hearts
arrowroot starch

Nuts.com has unbelievably fast (but not free) shipping. Sign up for their newsletter for discounts & offers.

coconut oil (if you use it often, the largest size is most economical

Finally, I wanted to share a website that helped get me off my coffee addiction! I now enjoy all sorts of amazing teas from David's Teas, a Canadian company that is starting to have a presence here in the US. You don't need to live near a David's shop, however, as you can order online & get free shipping and three samples per order.