Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mini Paleo Pot Pies

I will freely admit today's recipe isn't totally original. I've posted a couple of pot pies in the past, including this one (which is *almost* straight from Paleo Comfort Foods). Their Pot of Chicken Pie is by far my favorite go-to version of the dish, but I"ve made a couple of tweaks to make it even easier and kid-friendly.

My secret? Make it small, and don't fuss so much with the crust. The first few times I made my own pot pie I obsessed over rolling out the crust, and daintily spreading it across the filling as carefully as possible. Now I take a much more liberal approach, literally patting the crust together in my hand and plopping it on top of individual ramekins and baking dishes.

I'm multitasking while writing this post, so going to link to the original recipe rather than type it all out. Please forgive me! When I make the recipe, I cook from my copy of the book, which I suggest everyone should own.

I do want to note, however, my tweaks:

-I omitted the mushrooms only because neither of my kids eat them. The choice of vegetables is really up to you, though I do think the carrots, onion and celery really help create an authentic pot pie flavor. I have included chopped spinach in the past, and if you eat peas they work well too.

-I used fresh chopped thyme in lieu of parsley.

-I start off with 3 cups of chicken broth, and add the remaining broth (if even needed) once I've reduced the mixture with coconut flour. I found the first couple of times I made this dish the filling was a little too runny for my taste, even after letting it simmer.

-I reduce the amount of salt by a little pinch, as I find otherwise the flavor of the olive oil combined with the salt is a little overpowering.

-To create my crust, I simply take a small handful of dough, and flatten it in my palm. Then I plop it on top of each individual serving. If I have any dough leftover I kind of press it down on the already-topped pies.

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