Saturday, February 23, 2013

Paleo Nut-Free "Cheese" Sauce

My kids and I talk food. A lot. Today we somehow found ourselves on the subject of fondue. Their ears perked up at the thought of a vat of ooey, gooey melted cheese (likely because it's a never- occurring phenomenon around here!)

I had already planned chili for dinner tonight: my favorite paleo recipe, which I've shared more than once in the past. I had various garnishes in mind for them to use as toppers, but hadn't really intended to come up with anything new at mealtime.

My wheels began spinning, though, and I thought I'd try my hand at a quickie "cheese" sauce. All of the variations I've made in the past have been based around raw cashews for creaminess, but I wanted to go quicker, lighter and nut-free. While tonight's sauce isn't as creamy, for its intended purpose it's the perfect texture.

I drizzled some of the sauce over the warm bowls of chili and then we all garnished to suit. To eat I stirred the whole thing up, which I didn't photograph because it looked like a hot mess! It tasted just the opposite, however.

This speedy sauce would also work great for my stuffed mushroom recipe or nacho sweet potato skins. And if you're unfamiliar with nutritional yeast, it is both gluten and dairy-free and actually quite nutritious!
Paleo Nut-Free "Cheese" Sauce

3/4 cup coconut milk
1 tbs. arrowroot starch
1 tbs. butter
1/4 cup nutritional yeast
juice of 1/2 lemon
salt, pepper & garlic powder, to taste
1-2 tbs. salsa (optional, good if you're using in a Tex-Mex dish)

Combine milk and starch in a bowl, whisking to remove lumps. Meanwhile, melt butter in a small saucepan over medium heat. Add milk mixture, nutritional yeast and lemon, lowering heat and stirring with a whisk.

Heat until the mixture is smooth, then remove from heat. Season to taste and serve.


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  2. Oooh, another great recipe! I'm thinking the sauce would be great over cauliflower or zucchini "pasta". I may try it this weekend.

  3. I hope you like it! I think it would definitely work on either of those :)

  4. Made this today to go over some hot dogs and mashed cauliflower. It was an awesome addition - used ghee instead of butter to make it Whole 30. Thanks for the great recipe!

  5. I made it and actually had it over kelp noodles and kale. Great recipe!

  6. so glad everyone is liking this! I was really excited to finally make a nut-free "cheese" that worked out well.