Thursday, December 27, 2012

Easiest Ever Paleo Baked Eggs

Unless you're making a souffle, eggs shouldn't be tricky to cook. Why is it then, that some people wind up with dry scrambled eggs? Or hard-boiled ones that crack? I suppose it's not a perfect science, but definitely not astrophysics either.

If you're looking for easy, convenient and tasty eggs recipes, I swear this one is awesome. You can't even really call it a recipe, but more a technique. I shared a baked egg recipe back in May, in which I cooked the egg in a pepper "shell" with a little bacon to finish things off.

This one is a simpler version of the same idea: simply crack your eggs in muffin cups and have at it.

While I tend to like a runny yolk, I usually cook these baked eggs till they're a bit firmer, only because that way they're even easier to eat on the fly. This morning I baked up a half dozen and ate two, and it's nice to know the extras are waiting for when I need a quick bite.

I use salt, pepper and garlic powder to season my eggs, and usually serve them up with some kind of avocado or sweet potato item. This morning it was two leftover breakfast meatballs and avocado with salsa.

While it obviously depends on how hot your oven runs, I find I get the best results with a 350 oven for 15-17 minutes. The eggs in today's photo were cooked for 17, and I found the whites were a *little* too cooked for my taste. I think 15 is my magic number.

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