Sunday, December 9, 2012

Authentic Paleo Pad Thai

I'm terming tonight's recipe "authentic" because it's the first Paleo pad thai I've made that includes tamarind paste, which I think is essential for a true version of the dish. I've made a few other recipes I've found online in the past, but they always included almond butter or other ingredients that yielded tasty Asian dishes, but none that really assimilated true pad thai.

Needless to say I was excited to try this one out; I pinned Tasty Eats at Home's version of the dish (shared as a guest post on Against All Grain) eons ago on Pinterest. It reminded me of the pre-paleo version I used to make from Cook's Illustrated, which was one of the caveman's favorite dishes.

I often just eyeball measurements when trying out recipes, yet this one I followed to the letter. That's why I'm so beyond disappointed to report that neither of us loved it! I had too much watery sauce at the bottom of the wok, and the caveman felt that the dish tasted "bitter."
Other than subbing shrimp for chicken, I made no adjustments to the recipe. I'm sharing it because it was decent enough, but mainly because I would *love* for a fellow lover of pad thai to try it out and report back with your results. My anticipation with this one was so high and the recipe looks and sounded so good I feel like somehow I just missed the boat...

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