Thursday, October 11, 2012

Paleo Biscuits & Gravy

I could NOT get a pretty shot of this one!
I'm from the Northeast, so I didn't grow up eating biscuits and gravy. I was first exposed to the dish through my ex-husband, who is from rural Oklahoma. As such I don't necessarily have warm and fuzzy thoughts regarding the dish, nor is it one I've ever thought to prepare at home.

So why this meal and subsequent post? I got sucked in by food porn. The photo and subsequent glowing comments and reviews of the Biscuits & Gravy recipe on Robb Wolf's site did me in. I couldn't resist trying out a version of the meal that wouldn't sit in my stomach like a lead brick.
Here's the good news: I thought it was tasty. The biscuits on their own are a bit dense, to the point that I can't imagine eating them on their own. Smothered in gravy their substantial texture is a plus, though, as they definitely held their own and didn't fall to bits. I loved the sage and fennel in the gravy, and thought the meal was filling without being too heavy

On the flip side, though, neither the caveman nor my kids really jived with this one. I've mentioned before that he's British, so I'm going to chalk up his distaste to a cultural thing.

The kids have never tasted biscuits and gravy, so perhaps if they'd grown up on it this version would have appealed. They described the gravy as "slimy," which is never a descriptor you're looking for when it comes to food...

So I realize it's not a 100% glowing endorsement, but I wouldn't just take this household's word for it. reviews on Robb's site are mostly glowing, and I would definitely make this again (though I think I'd come up with my own biscuit recipe).

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