Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Paleo Chocolate Banana Mug Muffin

Two paleo muffin posts in a row?! Well, this one isn't really a muffin per se, and yesterday's recipe was meant to be donuts...

My son and Elvis know one truth: bananas and peanut butter are the perfect companions. My son has also been lucky enough to learn that raw almond butter pairs up just as well with his favorite fruit, and is a much more nutritious option!

I posted this quickie recipe back a few months ago, but I'm inspired to share it again as I took much more worthy photos, and it's one of those simple things that is so worthy making. It is basically a riff on the popular paleo "pancake" made only from banana, almond butter and egg. I just threw a little cocoa powder into the mix to make it *really* taste like a treat, and baked it up in a mug to make the whole affair tidy and cute.

When I first shared this recipe I suggested adding 1-2 tsp. of raw honey to sweeten. One thing my Whole30 experience of a few months ago taught me is that bananas can be plenty sweet on their own. I would say try this baby out without the additional sweetener, and you can always customize to suit the next time. This morning I also added a little sprinkle of shredded coconut to the top of mine, for taste and visual appeal.

Paleo Chocolate Banana Mug Muffin

1 ripe banana, mashed
1 egg
2-3 tbs. raw almond butter
2 tbs. unsweetened cocoa powder

Grease a microwave-safe mug. Add all ingredients and stir/mash well until banana is as smooth as you can make it. Microwave for 2-3 minutes or until set. Remove carefully and enjoy!
You can include any mix-ins that float your boat, such as chopped nuts, ground flax and shredded coconut.