Monday, September 10, 2012

Easy Paleo Pulled Pork with Balsamic Peaches

I bought a 3 lb. pork butt as I wanted to have easy meals to throw together tonight and tomorrow. While I made gluten-free quesadillas with it for my kids, the caveman and I enjoyed our pork with some simple sauteed peaches.

I had been planning to make a chunky peach and applesauce to pair with the pork, but then stumbled upon a similar (and easier!) recipe on Jan's Sushi Bar for Pulled Pork with Balsamic-Glazed Peaches.

Talk about simple perfection... I prepared my pork in the same method, with just broth, garlic, onion, salt and pepper in the crock pot. This left me with a whole heap of pulled pork that I can use for lots of different purposes. In fact, I still have to come up with what I will transform it into tomorrow night. Hmmm...

For tonight, though, Jan's balsamic peaches were awesome. Next time I think I might even throw a little fresh rosemary into the mix, but as prepared they were delicious. While my peaches were quite sweet, I do think if yours aren't you could sprinkle a little palm sugar over them to caramelize up a bit in the skillet. As written, though, this is such a clean and healthy dish (not to mention Whole30-compliant for those of you on the lookout for new ideas).

And I wanted to add a closing apology for my photo today... this just wasn't an easy dish to capture! Pulled pork on its own is less than photogenic, and even when I brought on the balsamic peaches it was hard to make it look pretty. I admit I was rushed to get to back-to-school night and perhaps didn't try my hardest either!

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