Thursday, August 2, 2012

Paleo Pork Fried Rice

Confession time. I'm meeting two non-paleo friends at 7:30 tonight for drinks and what should be dinner. They are not only not paleo followers, but also firm believers in the merits of cheap, greasy bar food. We're talking stuff I wouldn't want to eat even if I *wasn't* specifically avoiding gluten, dairy, etc.

So right now I'm cooking up some paleo pork fried rice, and I'll just have a glass of wine or two with my friends. It saves me money and the displeasure of spending it on food that I don't want to eat and that will make me sick.

Here's the curious point: the caveman thinks it's a little rude of me. He feels it's awkward to not eat on a "girl's night out" that will inevitably involve food. If we were going to a sit-down restaurant and calling it dinner, I'd be inclined to agree with him. These are old friends I'm meeting, though, and they're used to me by now. They make some cracks, but overall it's not like it affects them if I partake of their quesadillas and spinach dip.

It's a casual night and the whole point is the conversation and time spent together, so why should I feel pressured on the food front? (I feel I should I also add that I do sometimes head out on similar nights with an empty stomach, and wind up ordering some kind of protein/salad combo. It's not like I never eat out with my friends!)

I'd love to know anyone's thoughts on the situation, or how you personally deal in similar ones. I'd also like to share this fried rice recipe, as it was easy, yummy and so much better than bar food!!

I thought about typing out Health-Bent's Pork Fried Rice, but frankly I love the way Megan describes the cooking process. It really IS key to follow her advice and let the pork brown up nicely. I totally agree with the positive comments on the dish that it didn't taste one bit like cauliflower; if my kids liked things spicy (and embraced mushrooms) I would have no reservations of serving this one up to them, and I find it very hard to get them to happily eat cauliflower.

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