Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paleo Chicken Tikka Masala

My son and the caveman's kids loves to say "chicken tikka masala" with a funny little accent. It's become a bit of family joke, which gained even more popularity once the brood discovered the dish is by far their favorite from the Indian restaurant.

None of the kids like things too spicy, so it's a natural choice for a kid-friendly Indian meal. I have made Jamie Oliver's version in the past, tinkering with the ingredients a little to make it paleo. While we all liked it, the dish lacked something that the restaurant's version boasts. It was a little less creamy, and also just not the right dose of seasoning.

Tonight we had the caveman's mother over, so with two Brits on hand it seemed appropriate to try my hand at a new version. While this isn't a recipe I'd suggest for a rushed and tired weekday evening, it was a pleasure to make while chatting in the kitchen. If you make cauliflower rice to go with it, however, be prepared to do a lot of clean-up. I had the food processor and blender out, not to mention used both ovens.

Did I mention it was worth it? Thanks to Danielle at Against All Grain, I found a fantastic dairy-free version that didn't require any tweaking. She uses homemade cashew cream in her Chicken Tikka Masala, not to mention the perfect array of spices for both the meat marinade and sauce. I'm sorry to be lazy and link to the recipe, but her photo steps are worth following and the ingredient list is long...

I was so busy talking while cooking that I skipped one of the last steps: to add the almond milk in with the cashew cream. My sauce was still plenty creamy and delicious! All of the kids did good jobs on their dinners, and the adults in particular were very satisfied. You know you have a good recipe when your almost mother-in-law requests for you to send it to her ;)

If you like this recipe, I highly recommend you check out Danielle's blog and/or follow her on Pinterest. Very inspiring and drool-worthy grain-free dishes and treats!

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