Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Paleo Mango Curry Sweet Potato Salad (Revisited)

I had a mission this weekend: to transition this site to Wordpress. I own the domain and have the groundwork in place. When it comes to web design, however, I am not exactly adept (which is why I hired someone to design my family nutrition page!). Needless to say, the other site is a work in progress, and in the meantime I need to remember not to neglect *this* one while I'm working on it...

As such I kept things a little simple today at lunch. I declared last week that I need to be better about making a proper lunch at least once a week, ideally one that will yield enough leftovers to feed me well on subsequent days. I revisited a recipe that didn't get worthy photographic presentation the first time around, and that quite frankly was one of the yummiest dishes I've made this summer.

Roasted Sweet Potato with Mango Dressing covers a lot of my favorite bases. Roasting is one of my favorite techniques, and I'm a sucker for dishes that play sweet and spicy off each other. I also like the versatility of the recipe: it can stand on its own or work as a side dish, offers plenty of room to improvise and tweak, and is definitely a candidate for good quality leftovers.
I did make a couple of edits this time, largely because of what I had on hand. I was out of celery and cilantro, so instead I included some chopped basil. I also used a grainy dijon for the dressing, which gave the dressing a little more zip to echo the hot curry powder I used on the sweet potatoes. If you like spicy and haven't tried Penzey's hot curry powder, definitely scoop some up!

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