Sunday, July 29, 2012

Homemade Butter

I don't mean to be controversial with this post. Frankly I was just looking for a cool thing to do with my kids today, and I'm always game for finding ways to get them informed and excited about whole foods.

So we made butter. If you don't personally include butter as part of your paleo lifestyle, feel free to skip this post. Mark Sisson has posted something similar, however, and I feel that if you *do* eat butter you can't do much better than making it yourself. The kids thought it was the coolest thing ever, and now I have some fresh, creamy butter to use for tomorrow night's fish dinner.

We started with an empty mason jar, some organic heavy whipping cream, a little salt and a marble. Yes, a marble (it's totally optional but adds to the cool factor for the kids).

First we filled the jar halfway with cream, then very ceremoniously plopped the marble inside.

After tightly screwing on the lid, we each took turns shaking the jar as hard as we could. After a few minutes, we couldn't hear the marble any longer. I took off the lid and showed the kids how we'd basically made whipped cream.

That's when I sprinkled in a little salt and then got back to business shaking. After another couple of minutes, we could again hear the marble hitting the walls of the jar. At that point we had gone from whipped cream to butter!

We poured off the excess liquid on top (homemade buttermilk) and were left with a jar of fluffy, creamy butter.

Yes, I admit the kids enjoyed their sample spread on a little sprouted Ezekiel bread. I had a little lick and will be saving my share for cooking.


  1. Wow that's so interesting! I didn't know it was so easy to make such yummy fluffy looking butter! I'll have to try it. Thanks for sharing :) all your recipes look fantastic

  2. I will be honest... I didn't know either! It was so much fun and tasty, definite a win-win. Thanks for the great feedback as well. So glad you like my recipes!