Sunday, June 3, 2012

Paleo Porridge (Whole30, Day 15)

I have tried so many different riffs on Paleo cereal substitutes, but today's recipe was a new one for me. I made Elana Amsterdam's porridge, topping it with sunflower seeds, toasted coconut chips & strawberries (of course!)

I definitely agree with Elana that it needed a hit of salt. Otherwise I think I would have found the porridge too bland. Overall, though, this was a quick and tasty breakfast.

I had an ever yummier lunch, as I took last night's roasted cauliflower and tossed it with a whole bunch of sauteed good stuff (one link cilantro chicken sausage, yellow pepper, spinach, red onion and olives. All it needed was a little salt and pepper to finish it off.

Dinner tonight was a real treat: a belated birthday dinner with a good friend at  Plan B Burger Bar. They use only natural beef which they grind on site, and offer a plethora of dairy and gluten-free options. I went with the burger salad without cheese. My only true "cheat"/indulgence were the sweet potato fries, which I'm sure were cooked in canola oil.

Today's menu:
breakfast - paleo porridge with strawberries
lunch - roasted cauliflower bowl

snack - 2 slices turkey salami, celery
dinner - burger salad (no cheese!) with tomatoes, lettuce, onions & sweet potato fries