Thursday, June 7, 2012

Paleo Mushroom Chicken Fricassee (Whole30, Day 20)

I don't have time to babble today, so I will keep things short and sweet. Ate and felt well, and my only "crime" was eating almond butter right out of the jar after my morning run. I didn't eat SOOO much, but it was definitely more than 1 tbs ;)

Today's menu:
breakfast: paleo porridge with berries (with no added sweetener)
lunch: leftover meatloaf topped with 1/2 mashed avocado & tomatillo salsa
snack: my almond butter transgression
dinner: TGIPaleo's Mushroom Chicken Fricassee

My evening meal had a lot of potential, but I really should have made some cauliflower rice or something similar to serve it over. Also, my mustard was a grainy dijon, and the little grainy bits started to get on my nerves a little! Still, you can't beat mushrooms, mustard and chicken. Comforting, simple and worth revisiting with perhaps a tweak or two.