Friday, June 22, 2012

Paleo Caribbean Lamb Curry

I don't have my kids for dinner tonight, so no great shock that I decided to break out both lamb (which they have yet to try) and spicy curry (which causes them to recoil in terror). I found this recipe for Caribbean Curried Lamb which I modified somewhat to suit my timetable and preferences.

First, I didn't marinate the meat and vegetables overnight. Instead I bagged them up this morning, which gave them about eight hours to hang out together in the fridge. I also used hot curry powder, so instead of adding more heat with diced chile peppers I instead substituted a chopped yellow pepper.

In retrospect I found that a whole can of coconut PLUS a can's worth of chicken broth was too much added liquid. I wound up simmering the lamb uncovered for most of the cook time, in the hopes that it would more greatly reduce the liquid. I also stirred in 1 tbs. of coconut flour but still found the resulting curry a bit too liquid for my personal taste.

I served tonight's dinner over roasted cauliflower rice and topped with some toasted coconut chips. If you want your curry to really warrant the "Caribbean" moniker I would definitely recommend the inclusion of the coconut and generous squirts of lime juice to finish it off.

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