Thursday, June 21, 2012

Baked Paleo Pancake

Aaah, Pinterest. I'm such a complete and utter addict. I love to tweak my Paleo and other boards, and then manage to forget to actually prepare all of the drool-worthy food I've pinned.

This little goodie caught my eye weeks and weeks ago, so I'm quite proud of myself for finally trying it out. The concept of a baked Paleo pancake was very intriguing. I've made Dutch apple pancakes before, but this recipe looked a bit heartier and like the perfect candidate to freeze to have a convenient, tasty breakfast on hand for busy mornings.

Never one to leave well enough alone, I had the nifty idea to throw some bacon into the mix. From a flavor standpoint, it was a great idea. I should have browned the bacon first, though, and then mixed the crumbled, crisp stuff into the pancake batter. Instead I chopped the raw bacon up and stirred it in; although it cooked it certainly didn't crisp up baking within the pancake... lesson learned.

I didn't add any sweetener and this definitely needed a little syrup to please my kids' palates. If you're doing a Whole30 or trying to avoid the sweet stuff, I would suggest upping the cinnamon a bit. I wound up putting a little bit of maple syrup onto my own serving and it definitely tasted better to me than without. The blueberries not only added to the photo shoot, but they tasted pretty darned good with it too.

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