Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Well Fed's Chocolate Chili

photo courtesy of The Clothes Make the Girl**

This is one of those recipes I seem to "bump" into everywhere online. Pinterest, Facebook, blogs... it seems to pop up frequently in Paleo circles, and the buzz is always positive. I've had it bookmarked for ages and finally thought this rainy evening was the perfect day to finally make Well Fed's Chocolate Chili for myself.

Yum! The notion of using cocoa powder in chili isn't new to me. In fact, my favorite primal chili to date has been Mark Sisson's bison recipe, which includes not only the cocoa but also some apple cider vinegar to finish it off.

Cocoa powder adds a nice roasted flavor, and I recently learned (thank you, nutrition school!) that the acid in it also helps to tenderize meat. Perfect addition to some slow-simmering chili!

Melissa's recipe came together easily. I had the luxury of working at home today and allowing it to have a lot of time to hang out on the stovetop. I made it with a combo of white and dark ground turkey, and the only change I made was to add an little extra salt at the end.

I ate mine with some avocado sliced on top, and I'm pleased to report my non-chili loving kids both seemed down with this one. I would actually venture to say I still like Mark's version best (it's in the Primal Blueprint Cookbook), but I made that one so often this past winter it was nice to try out a new chili.

**I have really great photos of my own chili, but an unfortunate incident involving water and my iPhone have forced the latter into a bowl of rice for the time being...

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