Saturday, May 26, 2012

Salmon & Spinach Scramble (Whole30 Day8)

Have you ever been in the middle of preparing a dish, when you can tell without a doubt things aren't moving in the direction you'd planned? That was me, about 20 minutes ago. I had been craving zucchini fries and wanted an alternative burger to pair with them; a little brainstorming and Googling brought me to this recipe for spinach and salmon burgers, which sounded perfect.

As I started to mix everything together, though, I could just tell the proportions were off. There was way too much spinach and I couldn't see how the mixture would ever come together and hold its shape as a patty. Looking back, the only reviewer uses frozen chopped spinach and added breadcrumbs to bind. Hmmph.

Rather than stress, though, I kept my head together. In addition to the 1 lb. of salmon I had already chopped up, I opened a can of wild sockeye salmon from Whole Foods. I added a little more seasoning to the mix and finished it off with a squirt of lime juice. Perhaps not a dish I'd serve to guests, but one that was still satisfying. And the zucchini fries? They are just pure deliciousness. I posted them previously and cannot recommend the technique enough!

Today's menu:
breakfast - "French Toast in a Cup"

lunch - leftover egg in pepper topped with guacamole
snack - cashew hummus with celery, 2 slices Applegate Farms turkey bologna
dinner - salmon & spinach scramble with zucchini fries
dessert - "Dark Chocolatey Paleo Goodness"

Yes, I broke down and had something sweet tonight. I think the coffee date I had with a friend at Starbucks this afternoon (I had an unsweetened herbal passion tea) undid my cravings a little!

I made Paleo Musing's microwave chocolate "muffins" yesterday as a treat for my son. I intentionally made them tiny, so that the recipe yielded 6 mini muffins. Today I ate two, so 1/3 of the recipe. It's really not much different than the 3-ingredient almond butter/egg/banana pancakes, just with some cocoa powder added. Since the only fruit I had today was a couple of berries in my breakfast bowl, I don't feel guilty and they tasted AMAZING.

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