Monday, May 7, 2012

PaleoOMG's Apple Pie Nachos

This afternoon I had to pick my daughter up early at school to get her glasses fit with new lens. We then proceeded to dash around running errands, until we reached that time when many a parent might be inclined to pull into a drive-thru. We were all tired, she still had homework, and I wanted to feed the kids something that would acknowledge they rocked while doing a whole lot of not-fun stuff...

Tonight's meal was certainly a treat, but it was still a healthy one! I basically turned PaleoOMG's delicious Apple Pie Nachos recipe into a quick, kid-friendly dinner. I added an extra apple, reduced the honey by 1 tbs., and included 4 sliced apple and chicken sausages to the skillet.

The kids loved this one. I would definitely make it again, particularly for a snack or breakfast. It was amazing how quickly it came together, and I think it could lend itself to so many adaptations and inclusions. Shredded coconut, bacon, pear, sweet potato... I imagine I will be revisiting this one plenty going forward!

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