Saturday, May 5, 2012

French Toast in a Cup

I've shared my love of mug muffins in the past. I love the bake, and it's both fun and convenient to be able to whip up something with the texture of a cake of muffin in a mere couple of minutes.

As I mentally prepare for doing a Whole30, though, I'm already trying to cut back on both my natural sweeteners and use of almond and coconut flour. Thanks to Paleo Musings, I made myself a French Toast in a Cup this morning that had no added sweetener and only flax to create texture.

What an easy and great little recipe! Instead of raisins I used fresh blueberries; while the juice obviously runs a bit, the flavor was fantastic and I felt it was a healthier option. It seems like flax are a bit of a gray area with the Whole9 team, but I think a tbs. here or there would be alright. I will also be making this one for my kids, and will most certainly be adding it into my non-Whole30 rotation!


  1. I can't see the link to this recipe. Do you happen to have it? I would love some sort of french toast recipe and haven't been able to find a good one yet.

    1. Wow, it looks like the blog from which I got the original has been deleted? I will have to do some due diligence and either try to find it and work on recreating it myself… I can't remember it exactly but will do what I can. Sorry about that!