Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pesto Egg Salad

The past few days I have bumped into more than one blog post about what to do with leftover hard-boiled Easter eggs. Every year I dutifully dye them, but my kids refuse to eat hard-boiled yolk, nor do any of us like deviled eggs or mayo-laden salad.

This post isn't going to offer a top 10 list of creative ways to eat up those eggs, but it *will* provide one Paleo-friendly suggestion that hit the spot for me (and couldn't be easier!)

I do not have any exact amounts to share, as I feel such recipes rely on personal preference (ie. how wet or dry you like your salad).

I simply chopped up some of the hard-boiled eggs, then tossed them with a few tbs. of pesto. The recipe I use contains no dairy and sneaks in some spinach... I shared it a few weeks back in my Paleo Pesto Zucchini post.

After mixing up the eggs and pesto, I simply added a little more salt and pepper, then tossed it with some arugula and halved cherry tomatoes. Simply, easy, tasty and a virtuous way to put those eggs to good use!

If only I could teach my kids to eat the yolks...

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