Saturday, March 3, 2012

Paleo Crispy Onion Strings

I'm addict to food blogs. Obviously my Paleo blog roll contains many favorites, but I will admit to perusing plenty of others. I love photos of food that make me drool. I love getting inspiration for meals that I can tweak, twist and reinvent to suit my personality and lifestyle.

One blog that I wasn't alone in loving is Ree Drummond's The Pioneer Woman Cooks. Her beautiful photography, accessible personality and comfort food recipes help her publish cookbooks and even land a slot on Food Network.

Admittedly, most of the Pioneer Woman content isn't Paleo-friendly. Deep Dish Fruit Pizza topped with marshmallow creme... Frito chili pie...  beans and cornbread... you get the idea.

One recipe that caught my eye a long time ago was Ree's crispy Onion Strings. As a kid I used to love Durkee's fried onions on salads (yes, you might say I ate the typical S.A.D. diet!) I couldn't wait to fiddle with this recipe a bit, and when my kids requested sliders I thought tonight was the time to try it!

For milk I used unsweetened hemp milk, with apple cider vinegar added to replicate buttermilk. I used shallots in lieu of onion (only because that's what I had on hand), and blanched almond flour for the coating. My final tweak was to fry them up in coconut oil.

I used bison for our sliders; the kids and caveman ate theirs on buns, but I crumbled mine up in a bowl with baby spinach, tomato, avocado, sauteed mushrooms and bacon. Once I tossed the crispy shallots into the mix all I needed was a drizzle of oil and vinegar to finish it off.