Saturday, March 10, 2012

Health-Bent's Paleo Orange Chicken

Tonight I ate solo, as the caveman had dinner with his son and my two had their fill of scary kid food at a birthday party. I've been mentally salivating ever since I stumbled upon Health-Bent's Paleo Orange Chicken (I "pinned" it from a Paleo recipe board on Pinterest). The kids and caveman each took a bite just to give it their vote (thumbs up all around)... it made a quick, delicious dinner I will definitely be adding to my rotation.

My oranges were a little on the tart side, so as the recipe suggested I added about 1 tbs. of palm sugar to the sauce. I also threw some raw walnut pieces into the sauce with the chicken. For serving I again went with just a bed of baby spinach. Sometimes I'm just not in the mood for carb replacements, and the sauce was so flavorful it really worked well with the greens.

Sorry for the quickie post, but it's a busy weekend!

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