Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kibbeh Lettuce Wraps

Kibbeh is an Arab dish traditionally made with ground lamb or beef and bulgur or rice. Thanks to Elaine Gottschall's Eat Well, Feel Well cookbook, I got the idea to omit the latter and wrap the meat in lettuce leaves. The cookbook contains only Specific Carbohydrate Diet recipes, so it is largely compliant with a Paleo lifestyle.

Gottschall used beef in her kibbeh, but I opted for ground lamb. I was excited to be able to find the cookbook page containing the recipe so that it is easier to share. For yogurt I simply used some Greek yogurt... I halved the sauce recipe, which still left us with too much. So it's really not a ton of dairy.

I made the rest of the recipe to the letter, and I have to say that we loved it BUT I think the seasoning needs a little more oomph. I loved the combination of the cinnamon and cumin with the refreshing mint, but I felt there was just a little something missing. The inclusion of the walnuts was really nice too, though, so I do think the recipe is worth checking out and perhaps tinkering with a bit.

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