Sunday, January 29, 2012

Everyday Paleo Salmon Chowder

Tonight's dinner is not what I would term reinventing the wheel. By that I mean it hit the spot and was super easy to throw together. It doesn't have a real depth of flavor, but I would definitely make Everyday Paleo's Scrumptious Salmon Chowder again if I was in the mood for a seafood-based soup.

I basically made the recipe as written, though I substituted some Bangkok Blend for the dill, as I don't like the taste of the latter and wanted a little more "oomph" to my soup. I also added some celery to the mix and used green onions instead of leeks.

Lately I seem to be making somewhat average meals out of extraordinary pieces of wild salmon. I need some fresh ideas! If anyone's inclined to share, I'm all ears :)

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