Monday, January 9, 2012

Crock Pot Cashew Chicken

**UPDATE 11/13: please click HERE for a more recent post with the full recipe.

It's not often I break out the crock pot, but I actually have two meals lined up this week using it. I just had a ton of little things to do today, and it was helpful having dinner cooking itself by lunchtime.

I found this recipe for crock pot cashew chicken, to which the kids both gave a double thumbs up. I made a few Paleo tweaks, naturally... coating the chicken in almond flour and cooking in coconut oil, swapping palm for brown sugar and using organic ketchup and gluten-free soy sauce (I ran out of coconut aminos last night).

Next time I might make some cauliflower rice, but tonight I just ate the chicken on its own, with some vegetables alongside. The cilantro added some nice flavor, not to mention a pretty green accent for the photo ;)


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    1. Look to the second paragraph and click on the recipe title.. I hate having to click, click, click to get a recipe. Don't understand why someone just doesn't post it with credits.

    2. You should repost it! It is now 2016 and the page no longer exists.

    3. You should repost it! It is now 2016 and the page no longer exists.

  2. Hi ladies, Yes Debra is correct, there is a hyperlink within the post. I'm sorry if you're unhappy I did not type this one out... this blog is a labor of love into which I put a lot of time, and I don't always have enough to type out recipes I adapt from elsewhere.

  3. Quick question: does cooking with coconut oil give it a coconut flavor? Sometimes when I use it my food tastes coconutty, sometimes it doesn't. Just curious.

  4. Hi Lindsay! My kids don't really like strong coconut flavors, and both loved this one. I think that coconut oil blends pretty seamlessly into Asian flavors, and since the chicken is coated with sauce after being cooked I don't think you will taste the coconut oil here.

  5. When you say you swapped "palm" for brown sugar, what does that mean? I'm very new to the Paleo concept, and your picture of the recipe looks way more tasty than the original! (Not meaning any insult to the original recipe!) Any guidance you can offer is much appreciated!

    1. Hello and welcome to the world of paleo! I do hope you try out this recipe and like it.

      "Palm" is another name for coconut sugar, which is a tasty and healthier alternative to brown sugar. This is the brand I use:

  6. Did you use chicken thigh or chicken breast? I agree yours looks better than the original.

    1. thanks Jess! I used chicken thighs.

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    1. oh no Jeni! I clearly need to revisit this one so that I can properly type up the full recipe within the post.

  8. How many servings for this recipe for Cashew Chicken?

  9. Where can I find the recipe? The link no longer works.

    1. Hi Jen! I don't know what happened to the link :( I need to revisit this one... have to find the original recipe myself and will rework and repost... thanks in advance for your patience.

  10. Recipe that I have from the origional post

    2 lbs Chicken thigh, boneless skinless

    1 Garlic clove
    1/2 tsp Ginger, fresh

    2 tbsp Ketchup
    1/4 cup Soy sauce
    Baking & Spices
    1/4 cup All purpose flour
    1/2 tsp Black pepper
    1 tbsp Brown sugar
    1/4 tsp Red pepper flakes
    Oils & Vinegars
    1 tbsp Canola oil
    2 tbsp Rice wine vinegar
    Nuts & Seeds
    1/2 cup Cashews