Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Comfort Noodles & Chicken Sausage

Thanks to the many Paleo Facebook pages I follow I discovered Melissa Joulwan's fantastic blog The Clothes Make the Girl. In the past few weeks I have become a rabid fan, and cannot wait to get my paws on her well-reviewed cookbook Well Fed!

As evidenced by last week's zucchini fries, I'm on a kick with both the vegetable *and* my mandoline. How did I live so long trying to julienne by hand? I had perfect "noodles" in two minutes flat tonight, and finding all these different ways to get creative with vegetables has really helped me love some that I used to rarely prepare.

But back to Melissa's blog. Ever since I eyed her Comfort Noodles recipe I was smitten. Today was a day I needed to end on a warm and fuzzy note, so they fit the bill perfectly. And they were easy enough that I whipped it together while on the phone catching up with an old college friend... a double bill of comfort!

Yesterday I bought some chicken sausage at Whole Foods, so I grilled them up and tossed a couple of pieces on top. The noodles were delicious on their own, but the cave man seemed to appreciate the extra bit of meatiness. It was just us dining tonight, but I cannot wait to try this one out on my carb and pasta-loving small fry...

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