Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sweet Potato Nachos

I was very excited to break out a little gift I just bought myself: "cut & slash resistant" gloves to protect my klutzy self from losing a finger. In particular, I had shelved my mandoline for fear of losing a finger, and now can safely break it out again!

The gloves worked amazingly well, and within minutes I had turned three large sweet potatoes into perfectly thin chips. I fried them up in some coconut oil, sprinkled with salt and pepper, then blotted and dried them on paper towels.

My homemade chips were the perfect base for the nachos my kids had requested (they were desperate for a finger food dinner). For topping, I cooked up a lb. of bison I'd had ground for me at Whole Foods. I browned it with a chopped onion, yellow pepper and tbs. of garlic. I do make taco and nacho seasoning from scratch, but tonight used a Paleo-friendly packet from Whole Foods for a shortcut.

After topping the chips with the meat mixture, I sprinkled on some minced green onions and put under the  broiler for a few minutes. The kids' half got topped with sliced olives, and the adult side got dressed with avocado and jalapeno slices.

I think I topped my chips a little too early; even after broiling they got a little soggy, weighted down by the meat mixture. I got distracted by laundry and shouldn't have let them sit for so long! That gaff aside, this was definitely a technique I would recommend and repeat again myself.

Now that I have my super hero gloves, I cannot wait to try out other Paleo-friendly meals required

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