Sunday, December 25, 2011

Paleo & the Holidays

It certainly is a challenge to stick to a Paleo lifestyle at the holidays. On a positive note, during the past few days I have been completely gluten-free as usual, and even served my family Paleo brownies and made Christmas morning pancakes with almond flour. I did loosen the reigns a bit, though, and have had a few slices of pizza on gluten-free dough. There have also been a couple of glasses of red wine involved! But all in all, nothing too crazy or off the wall for me...

I hadn't posted in a few days, as we spent Thursday in NYC, Friday was the aforementioned GF pizza night, and yesterday and today were obviously a little busy on the family front. Things have finally died down, though, and I wanted to share a couple of successes; in particular, I was pleased that these dishes both fit my lifestyle but also appealed to all of my family.

Food Renegade's Bacon-Wrapped Sweet Potato Bites are utter perfection in their simplicity. Two total complimentary flavors, made even more delicious by the quick dunking in chili powder-spiked butter. I made the recipe as written, but when (not if) I make this again I think I would be a bit more generous with the seasoning.

Finally, I also served up a big Spinach-Apple Salad. The curry-spiked pecans were delicious. I made them as directed except for using powdered stevia for the sweetener. I also added some mushrooms to the salad, and they complimented the flavors nicely.

For dessert I became smitten by these Santa Hat Brownies. I realize there is not much Paleo about them, but I tweaked the recipe to selfishly suit myself but still have the cuteness for my kids and their cousins. For the brownie base I made the Fudgey Brownies from Health-Bent. I've made them before and LOVE them. You honestly cannot taste the almond butter and it's amazing how well they come together without grains.

I won't share the frosting recipe I made, as it's not remotely Paleo (but oh-so delicious...) The resulting Santa brownies were very cute, and I was able to have a nice dessert of brownie and strawberries.

Now that Christmas is behind us, I have to start planning out my New Year's menu. We are having some other couples and their kids over, and I'd obviously like to again be able to strike a balance between Paleo and crowd-pleasing. Hmmm...

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