Monday, December 19, 2011

Paleo-friendly Cola-Braised Shredded Pork

I used to have quite the Diet Coke habit. It wasn't going Paleo that caused me to ditch it; I've been interested in nutrition for a number of years, and tried to wean myself off it over the past couple of years.

At times, though, I do have a craving for the taste and fizz of a diet cola. I was quite excited, then, to discover Zevia at Whole Foods. It is sweetened with stevia and erythritol, and has no harmful phosphoric acid or preservatives. It is quite expensive when compared to regular soda, but considering I only have it as a sometime treat I don't mind the price tag.

In fact, once I discovered it as part of Amazon's Subscribe & Save, I was even happier to save a little more $ on it.

With a six-pack of healthier soda in my fridge, I therefore didn't just flip past the Soy and Cola-Braised Pork Shoulder recipe in October's Cooking Light. It sounded pretty tasty, and I immediately thought of ways to make it Paleo-friendly.



Beyond the soda switch, I used coconut aminos in lieu of soy, and gluten-free tamari rather than hoisin. I ate mine in a spinach salad mixed with avocado, tomato, carrot and cucumber. If I had a little more free time (too many Christmas gifts to wrap!) I would have made some coconut flour tortillas to wrap around my pork. This would also taste lovely just wrapped into some lettuce leaves.

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