Monday, December 26, 2011

Paleo Chicken Kiev

I made dinner for the caveman and his two sons tonight. He requested his favorite: chicken kiev. I have made this for him a few times in the past; my version was already gluten-free and healthier than many recipes out there. The cornflake breading, though, obviously kept it from being Paleo-friendly.

Since his kids aren't very experimental in the food department, I made them the old standby version. For me, however, I tweaked it even further with very solid results. Instead of coating it in a crunchy coating, I simply dredged my chicken in egg and then some almond flour seasoned with garlic salt, paprika, salt and pepper.

The key to my kiev is the garlic and butter inside. I don't tend to measure when it comes to this recipe, but I would suggest scooping out a good 1/4 cup butter (I used my beloved Kerrygold). I minced about 5-6 garlic cloves to mix in with it. Some chicken kiev recipes call for garlic powder, but I don't find the powder yields as good of a taste. I stirred the garlic and some minced parsley into the butter, and then spread it on a sheet of aluminum foil and froze it until firm.

I split the butter up between flattened chicken breasts, sealed them with toothpicks and then "breaded" as noted above. There is something so so comforting about the garlic butter oozing out of the chicken when you cut into it!

This was perfect served with some simple roasted broccoli.