Saturday, December 17, 2011

Have You Heard of NutsOnline?

With the holiday season in full swing, I found myself away from the kitchen both nights thus far this weekend. Friday I ate out, and had a sausage and kale soup and blackened scallops with spinach. I spent the better part of this afternoon at the cave man's mother's house, enjoying roast chicken, green beans and salad.

I will admit I took a few forbidden bites here and there: a little mashed potato, and a few rings of fried calamari on Friday. I'm okay with my "cheats," though, as I could have just as easily lept into the bread basket or devoured a few Christmas cookies.

I'm trying to find balance for the Christmas Eve brunch I'm preparing for my family as well. Every dish I'm making is either straight-up Paleo, or I'm tweaking it a bit to make it at least a little bit more in line with the diet. No gluten, no refined sugars, minimal dairy.

Something that will help me make this possible is the order I recently placed with NutsOnline. I wanted to do a quick plug, as I have to say it's a very impressive website with lots of option for Paleo followers (and foodies in general).

I have chestnut and hazelnut flours on the way to me, along with some carob powder and arrowroot starch. I also stocked up on five lbs. of almond flour, as the price for bulk was less expensive than I've gotten anywhere else online. The coconut flour, unfortunately, wasn't a good deal in comparison to what's available on Amazon under subscribe & save.

The shipping costs are reasonable, and NutsOnline has very fast shipping! You can even still order to receive by the holiday without paying for any expedited shipping.

I apologize for this rather succinct, recipe-free post, but look forward to getting down to business with some lamb tomorrow night!

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