Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Chicken Sausage Ragu

It rained and rained today; if only it had been a smidge colder, at least we'd have some winter white for the holiday!

It was a day that called for a warm, comforting dinner. This one is a great pick, as the longer you simmer it the better. The smell emanating from the kitchen was all good!

the sauce, before simmering for an hour
I found the recipe for Spicy Sausage Ragu on the Hey, That Tastes Good! blog. While it's not strictly Paleo, the site's author Jill is completely gluten-free and a mighty good photographer. This is one of those recipes that doesn't sound like much (and is hard to make look pretty!) but so hits the spot.

While I ate my bowl fresh off the stove, it also tastes good on top of some brown rice pasta if you're cooking for any non-Paleo followers.

see how it reduced? Chunky and delicious!
I used spicy chicken sausage from Whole Foods; I would definitely recommend against buying plastic-sealed, pre-made sausage. You really need the meat to crumble up in the sauce, so being able to squeeze it from the casing is really helpful.

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