Monday, November 14, 2011

Paleo Comfort Food's Pork PB&J

How could I NOT make a dish for my kids that's a Paleo-friendly riff on "PB&J?" It was even more of a slam dunk as the recipe comes from my new favorite cookbook *and* calls for their favorite meat: pork.

Sadly, however, Whole Foods was all out of pork tenderloin, so I needed to improvise with regular pork loin. The results were tasty but not nearly as pretty as the rolled tenderloin shown in the book! Happily my audience at home is less critical about appearance than taste. From a flavor standpoint everyone gave this a thumbs up.

chopping up the apples!
If I cooked again for just myself and the caveman, I think I would add a little spice factor. Perhaps more garlic in the pecan butter sauce, or maybe a little bit fresh ginger in with the apples?

Here is the full recipe, thanks to a fellow Mom blogger with more time than me to type it out!

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