Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Amazon Paleo faves

I'm so grateful to finally have power back after our crazy Halloween snowstorm. I was actually all set to restock the fridge today when the lights finally came back, but they then went out again for another eight hours. As I sit here all plugged in and charged up, I'm praying this is IT and I can finally get back to cooking.

The past few days have wreaked havoc on me. I've tried to eat well, but it's not easy when you're relying on food from a can (we happily have a gas stove) and restaurant fare. I can do pretty well sticking to Paleo when I'm out, but when it's meal after meal the process gets pricey, tricky and exhausting! As such my stomach and skin are a mess and I just don't feel myself.

I already have a good line-up of meals for the coming days, but since I'm in full-out shopping list mode right now I thought I'd share a few of my favorite (online) things. I'm an Amazon fiend, and constantly pimping their good grocery deals on my healthy family cooking website.

The prices often fluctuate a bit on Amazon, but you can almost always be guaranteed of good prices, especially with their Subscribe & Save deals. I always stalk my favorites, and stock up when they are at their lowest.

First up is coconut oil. I can honestly say I haven't bought it anywhere other than Amazon in over a year. Nature's Way Organic Extra Virgin always seems to be available for the best price, though occasionally Nutiva goes on special promotion as well.

I'm going to post links that should represent whatever the current price is; today with Subscribe & Save a 16 oz. tub of the Nature's Way is only $6.79. That is SUCH a better deal than I've ever seen at Whole Foods or mainstream grocers.

Miracle Greens makes any of my smoothies "green," and I love it to aid digestion, provide antioxidants and provide immune defense. It has no added sugar, color or preservatives and a low glycemic index. The taste on its own isn't the best, but once it's mixed in with some avocado, spinach, almond butter, etc. it's strangely addictive. I really missed my greens these past few days! It's pricey stuff, but lasts forever (and I've never seen it cheaper than on Amazon).

I mix unsweetened coconut with flax for Paleo hot cereals, sprinkle it over curries, use it for baking... the possibilites are endless! I always stock up on Amazon.

Going Paleo can't keep me from baking... while I don't indulge as much as I did in the past, I need the therapy of hot muffins in the oven! I stick to almond meal (make my own or buy it at Trader Joe's) and coconut flour. I hadn't come across Azukar before shopping on Amazon, but was bowled over by the price and pleased with the product.

Based on what I've studied in nutrition school, I've been trying hard to sprout nuts and seeds before eating them. It is a definite digestive aid! I was excited to find sprouted flax, as it's something I use just about daily in hot cereals, smoothies, baking, etc. I would also agree with some of the reviewers that this stuff tastes even better than non-sprouted flax! Love it.

I always check Amazon's grocery deals, which change on the first of each month. I have been able to score great deals on Bob's Red Mill products, organic sunflower seed butter (no sugar added!) and other goodies. I think the key is knowing your pricing and also not committing to anything in bulk that you don't consume regularly.

Sorry for the dry post, but I just wanted to get something out there! Tomorrow I've got coconut flour muffins and a calamari salad in the works. Fingers crossed the utility company feels inclined to let us stay powered up!


  1. I get organic coconut oil at Vitacost--have you ever checked them out? 54 ounces for around $20.

  2. thanks for the info, Lisa! I have ordered coconut oil from them in the past, but was always worried the bigger tubs would go "off" before I have a chance to use them up. I will need to check their pricing out again.