Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Honey Dijon Salmon w Asparagus & Sweet Potatoes

I'm really trying to turn the cave man into a salmon lover. Apparently his mother prepared the fish so often during his youth that for much of his adulthood he can barely stand to look at it.

I, meanwhile, am obsessed. I love the taste, texture and health benefits of salmon. When I have the chance to get wild salmon on sale, I will never ever ever turn it down. Although grilling is my favorite method, I also like to roast salmon in the oven.

Tonight I first spread some thinly sliced sweet potato and onion in the roasting pan, drizzling them with salt, pepper and olive oil and baking them for 20 minutes at 425. Next I laid the salmon on top and surrounded the fish by trimmed asparagus spears. The whole pan got topped with a sauce I made from the following:
-mustard powder
-raw honey
-minced rosemary
-salt and pepper
-minced garlic

It was as beautiful to look at as it was delicious to eat. The significant other praised my efforts and said he would eat it again anytime. Perhaps this means I won't even wait until a sale next time!

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