Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chicken Tikka Masala

Apparently it's unofficially "male celebrity chef week" around here. Last night I made a Tyler Florence recipe, tonight one of my family's Jamie Oliver favorites. It was windy and cold and my son has a tendency to say "tikka masala" in a silly little Indian accent. Over and over and over.

His tendency to repeat and sometimes annoy got the dish stuck in my head, though, so it's a positive thing to have a son with odd quirks! I so love this dish.

It doesn't call for the traditional marinating and baking of the chicken, which is good since I clearly don't own a tandoor oven. I've made it by making Jamie's curry paste from scratch, but to cap off a busy day used the curry simmer sauce from Trader Joe's instead.

The kids ate theirs over brown rice, but I naturally eschewed the rice but instead went crazy with toppings! I had a little dab of 2% Greek yogurt, minced cilantro and toasted coconut and raw cashews.

This is the full recipe as Jamie apparently prepared it on Martha Stewart's show. I skipped the red chile as my children don't like things too spicy, but I'm sure it would give the recipe a nice kick.

Incidentally if you don't already own Jamie's Food Revolution book, it's dirt cheap for the paperback on Amazon right now. Since Jamie focuses on whole foods and fresh flavors most of the book is Paleo or easy to adapt as such. Wish I had waited for the paperback, as my hard-cover copy is a behemoth to deal with...