Friday, October 21, 2011

Butternut Blondies

Today I tried my hand at a little modification to make a Paleo-friendly sweet. Here's the thing about Paleo and sweets: I totally agree with the purists that if you're living in true caveman fashion it shouldn't be about trying to make diet-appropriate baked goods. I live in the modern world, though, with a raging sweet tooth and two kids in elementary school. It's not realistic to shun sweets, not to mention I have a love of baking and need to do it for my business (healthy family cooking).

My goal, then, is to strike a healthy cord of compromise. I started with a recipe I found on the Whole Foods website for Butternut Blondies. It just seemed like a unique concept, and I already have a deep love for incorporating pumpkin into baking this time of year.

I made two batches, one being slightly modified and the other very much so. For the first tweak I subbed palm sugar for the white and used blanched almond meal for the flour. I left the white chocolate chips in for the kids and my business website (they were at least organic ones from Whole Foods!)

For the second go-around I omitted the chips all together and subbed in raw nuts instead. I also used pumpkin pie spice in lieu of just nutmeg in both batches. The taste was amazing... the caveman probably ate about half a pan. The only caveat, though, was that without the wheat flour they definitely didn't firm and fluff up as well as traditional brownies. We wound up eating them with a spoon (well, the part we didn't eat straight from the pan...)

I highly recommend fiddling with this recipe, getting rid of the sugar and gluten and coming up with a tasty squash-based treat for fall!

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