Thursday, September 29, 2011

(Underwhelming) Egg Foo Yung

It's always a disappointment when you've had great results from a cookbook or website and then stumble upon what (at least for you) is a flop.

Everything I've made of Mark Sisson's has been delicious. I've loved his soups, chili, "oatmeal," chicken wings... the list goes on.

in the pan...

Today I was eager to whip up a simple but seemingly scrumptious lunch of Egg Fu Yung. I had some lovely shrimp on hand, not to mention fresh scallions and mushrooms. I thought the use of dark sesame oil and wheat-free tamari would result in a really nice Asian flavor for such a quick meal.

once set under the broiler
Unfortunately, both the caveman and I felt this one came up flat. It wasn't horrible, but just "okay." Even with the tamari and some red pepper flakes it somehow didn't have enough flavor. I felt I wasted the shrimp and nice veggies on what amounted to a lackluster omelet.

If I dare attempt this dish again, I'm thinking this recipe from A Mom on a Mission has promise, with its inclusion of Chinese five spice powder and coconut flour.

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