Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pizza Salad

The kids requested a pizza night this weekend, and I'll confess it is *very* hard to refrain from eating my favorite gluten-free crust! I have my recipe down to a science, yielding the most perfect, crisp crust.

I had to come up with something that would speak to my craving without forcing a cheat, though, and wasn't necessarily feeling up to more than one meatza night in a week! Instead I turned to the Paleo Pizza Salad recipe from Health-Bent, which really hit the spot!

I don't usually love eggplant, but I cut it up small enough that it got nice and crisp while cooking. For meat I used some delicious chicken and mushroom sausage, and also included two kinds of pepper, mushroom, basil, and red onion. I had to put olives in my own bowl as the caveman has such an aversion to them they cannot so much as touch anything he eats...

We would both eat this recipe again. I can't say it replaced the ooey, gooey cheese and crisp crust of the pizza the kids enjoyed, but it was tasty enough to make me feel totally satisfied regardless.

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