Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pizza of Roasted Cod

My sister and I are both huge Food Network fans. She went through a phase of being enamored with "The Best Thing I Ever Ate," and determined to eat as many of the dishes that appealed to her as possible.

This desire lead to her birthday dinner last year at Eric Ripert's Le Bernadin in NYC. We apparently *had* to try the crispy-skinned fish. I will admit, it was heavenly, though the cave man felt the meal was a bit too much over all (in both the money and "frou frou" department).

I'm still a huge Ripert fan, though, and the man knows his fish! When I picked up some hake on special at Whole Foods this week, I was delighted when a web search lead me to a Ripert recipe that was simple, Paleo-friendly and sounded delicious.

As hake is very similar in texture and flavor to cod, I made Pizza of Roasted Cod Spiked with Chorizo, Tomatoes and Mushrooms. The moniker "pizza" made me chuckle, as Paleo pizza is such a hot topic. What better way to go primal with pizza than use fish as the "crust" for some meat and veggie toppings?

Naturally this is not truly akin to pizza at all, but rather a straight-forward but impressive way to roast some delicious fish with lots of lovely accompanying flavors. The sliced garlic and herbs in particular completed the dish.

Merci, Eric Ripert!

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