Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Curry Swordfish w Fresh Green Chutney

Swordfish has never been one of my seafood favorites... I think I got freaked out about its mercury content, and then also just always found it a bit bland. I picked up a gorgeous-looking steak on special yesterday, though, so felt inspired to have it again after what seems like eons.

I found Food Network's recipe for Curry-Rubbed Swordfish with Fresh Green Chutney and it made my mouth water! I subbed coconut for the vegetable oil, and obviously didn't serve with rice. I also couldn't leave well enough alone with the chutney, and added a little shredded unsweetened coconut and a handful of chili-lime cashews from Trader Joes.

The chutney was so good I found myself spooning the lasts bits left in the food processor straight into my mouth...

This recipe does contain a little plain yogurt, so it's not 100% Paleo; if yogurt works for you though, I highly recommend it! It required hardly any work, as everything got tossed into the food processor and the fish broiled up so quickly.

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