Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sausage, Tomato & Avocado Spinach Salad

Today I had some leftover chicken sausage in the fridge needing a purpose. I first meant it to find its way into an egg scramble for breakfast. Unfortunately I've been a bit under the weather, though, so slept a little later than usual and just didn't have the energy. There's something to be said about a kid-free weekend!

The sausage was still waiting on me around lunchtime, but last night's salmon curry was a lot easier to grab instead.

I also pushed back a grocery trip to Whole Foods, as I left the house today only to squeeze in a workout. Yes, my priorities are a big skewed, I realize... I can push back most anything when I'm unwell except the very thing that would probably help me feel better!

Come dinnertime I didn't have a lot jumping out at me to eat EXCEPT the aforementioned sausage.

What's nice about a day that goes against plan? That a Paleo meal can get thrown together just as easily as an agenda can get tossed out the window.

I cooked the chicken sausage up in a skillet, and then tossed it with the following:

baby spinach
cherry tomatoes
diced avocado
diced red onion
chopped basil
juice of half of a lemon
splash of olive oil
salt and pepper

A delicious dinner in a jiffy, that left with with more time to put together a to-do list for tomorrow...

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