Friday, August 19, 2011

Salmon, Mushroom & Greens Curry

My kids have gone to their father's for the weekend, and the caveman is on a business trip abroad. That means I'm free to have a wild Friday night on my own, catching up on work and eating something that no one else would enjoy: salmon.

It's one of my major goals to get my children more amenable to eating seafood, and I honestly can't understand their issue with salmon. I have prepared it with maple syrup, honey, practically anything I can think of to make them appreciate it. The caveman, meanwhile, is just burnt out on it from a childhood of apparent salmon overload. He *will* eat it, but it's basically a fish of last resort for him.

How fortunate for me, then, that wild salmon was on special at the store this week. I made Thai Ginger-Lime-Coconut Salmon, though I made a few tweaks. I only used 1 tbs. of olive oil to get things going. I also cooked up both kale and spinach, and swapped green onion for the leeks. I skipped the fish sauce altogether and topped it all with some toasted raw cashews and coconut.

Since going Paleo I haven't felt the need to try to substitute anything for the rice I'd traditionally serve with dishes such as this. I still need to try cauliflower "rice," but for the most part I'm finding they stand well enough on their own for my tastes. The caveman laments having something to dip into his curries, though... since he's not nearly as strict as I am that usually means he finds something!

Any suggestions for Paleo-friendly sides for curries and stews would be much appreciated. Something dunkable, to soak up all the good stuff at the bottom of the bowl. I'm stumped!

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