Sunday, August 21, 2011

Green Swamp Monster Smoothie

Happy to report today was already much more productive than yesterday, as I feel like I've joined the ranks of the living again! Before I headed out to accomplish two day's worth of errands, I found myself craving a green smoothie to get me going.

Green smoothies are all the rage these days, and I suppose at the root of things anything smoothie tinged green could be called as such. I think the key, though, is that they also contain some super food greens that you won't be finding available in most of the smoothie joints at your local mall.

My kids have lovingly termed almost any smoothie I create for myself to be a "swamp monster" due to its somewhat unsettling color and opaqueness. I think it's a fitting moniker, and naming it actually gets them involved in the preparation process from time to time.

When I want to go all out, I pull out my Vita-mix and throw just about anything into it: kiwis with the kids on, celery, carrots, kale... there is nothing that thing can't pulse up! I swear it's been the best costly small kitchen appliance I've bought.

Today, though, I didn't want to linger over smoothie-making. Instead I whipped up what has become my absolute favorite green smoothie. Please forgive that I'm estimating amounts, as for me the process is very unscientific (and I also didn't take the time to make my photo too pretty!)

I used:
2 small chunks frozen banana
about 8 oz. liquid (today it was coconut milk)
1 tbs. ground flax
1 tbs. hemp seed butter
1 tbs. raw cacao nibs
1/2 avocado
1 scoop Macro Greens powder
handful baby spinach
couple of drops of vanilla stevia

The directions are obvious... blend until smooth! I made this in my Magic Bullet, so it definitely took a while to integrate everything to my liking. The cacao and banana were quite stubborn...

What I love about incorporating avocado into a smoothie is that it gives it such a creamy texture, thick enough to eat with a spoon! I sometimes sub a little raw honey for the stevia, and will often use almond butter in lieu of the hemp seed.

I've been on a hemp kick lately, though, and you have to love that it's the perfect green for a green smoothie! If you're curious about its nutritional stats, click here.

I've been liking it in lieu of nut butter as I know I overdo it on the nuts, and the iron and protein in this stuff is impressive. I don't *love* the taste on its own, but in a smoothie or baking recipe calling for nut butter it works great.

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